Friday, October 07, 2005

Oct. 7, 2005

I think I'm going to take a break from my "devotional" style blog today. Not that I don't love preaching, even if that takes a written form for now. So, please humor me as I simply share what's been on my heart as of late.

My wife and I have long sensed that God is leading us to start a ministry, a church to be precise. Our desire has always been in an inner-city setting. We've always wanted to go where the need is, and be the hands and feet of Jesus, meeting the physical needs of the people, and of course giving them the Gospel. Other than several years of youth ministry, we have no idea how to go about starting such a ministry up. Someone I am acquainted with put me in touch with a pastor in a large city, and I spoke with him yesterday afternoon about our desire. I got a lot of great advice. One of the great pieces of advice was indeed helpful, and one my wife has actually suggested in times past. That is, working on staff at an existing church. While I am an associate minister at my church, my role is limited, because I have a full time job I have to work. So, all who read this, please pray for us. We want to make the right decision, and be sure that we are following the Lord's leading.

When you know that God is calling you somewhere, at least in my experience, it becomes really easy to jump the gun, and leave the blocks before it's time. Or at least be tempted to do so. So, keep us in prayer as are being prepared God's ministry.

God Bless


Libby said...

It is admirable to desire to start a church. If God is directing you to do so, then do it. You are wise to wait for His timing. You will need to be able to support your family somehow while the church is getting off the ground. The advice given to work on staff of an existing large church is good. Especially if that Senior pastor has knowledge of your calling. Many large churches mother new works. They send people to help you get started and give financial support as well. I would suggest that you pray for God's direction and leading first (of course) and ask Him to direct you to a Senior pastor with the same vision.
If a church will support you, it is so much easier to begin a new work. You have something to start with and you have the financial backing you are less likely to be tied down to the schedule of an outside job. You don't have the worries of providing for you family during the most challenging initial period.

michigan preacher said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Libby. This has pretty much been all that occupied my mind lately. God bless!