Friday, October 14, 2005

Oct. 14, 2005

John 4:4-30

I was challenged by something I read today. It was written by a preacher friend in his blog. To read his blog, Click Here. But what he spoke of was how we tend to chase after the material things of this world, only to find that there is no lasting fulfillment. Man, can I relate to that! I love "stuff". I have always loved video games. I can't help it, I'm part of the "Atari 2600" generation. There was always Pitfall or River Raid or some other game out there that I just had to play. And with the advances in gaming technology, what's coming out now is mindblowing. For years now, I've wanted an XBox. Every time the money was there to actually get one, something else of much greater importance came up. Finally, after years, my brother decided to let me use his, until he finishes his basement, and puts a home theater system down there. But you know what, I don't really care for it anymore. It wasn't the awesome experience everyone made it out to be. It now it just sits on my entertainment center collecting dust. How unfulfilling!

I know, it's such a weak analogy. When there are people out there killing themselves to find purpose and meaning in life through empty pursuits such as business, possessions, or even hard core stuff like drugs and booze, my own pursuits seem so petty. But it reminds me of the woman at the well in John 4. Here was a woman who thought her answer was only to be found in the tangible. And even when Jesus pressed her for her lifestyle, she got religious and thought maybe the answer was there. But it wasn't about the tangible, whether water, or the right "place" to worship. Her need was the abiding presence of Christ in her life, His Spirit welling up inside her. Only He can satisfy the longing soul. And I love what she did next. Verse 28 says she "left her waterpot". She laid aside that which she thought would meet her need, because she found out that Christ alone had what she needed.

Friends, lets allow Jesus have open access to our lives, and let Him drive out the sin and "stuff" that keeps us away from Him. If you read this, and you've never made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, open up your heart to Him. He died for you, so that through Him you can be forgiven of your sins. And He rose again by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and that same Spirit will well up in you as springs of living water. God bless.


Darrell said...

I just had to click on and be #1 on your counter.

michigan preacher said...

Actually, someone beat you to it. You were number three! Thanks for your help last night.