Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Friday

No, I don't have my calender confused. I had a pretty good Friday today. I made it in the office about 8 to do some work on the church newsletter, and print off and cut the Sunday bulletin. I did some accounting, then I was off to lunch.

That's where it got fun. I met up with a couple of my internet buddies for the first time. It was good to have some fellowship with Neil Smith, and Brandon Bowers. We were joined by another pastor from Winter Haven who is preparing to go to Kenya next week for 20 days. We had great conversation. I was blessed to spend so time with them.

Now I'm back at the office, working some more on the newsletter, since I finished up the bulletin. Now I just want to get home and spend some time relaxing with my family. I'll try to post something devotional this weekend. It will be our first Sunday back at Abundant Life since I've joined the staff. I'm looking forward to this season in our life and ministry. And I get to play guitar on worship team! I'm stoked!

Have a good Friday, too.

God bless!

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