Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Wednesday Back

Tonight is our first Wednesday back at Abundant Life. I was officially released from Kissimmee on Monday, so now we are all set in Lakeland. It's good to be back, this time doing ministry full time!

Today was a fun day, though. It started out at 5 AM like any other normal day. I fought the sleep to get up, made up the kid's lunches, got showered and dressed, and had some Frosted Mini-Wheats. After fixing up my hair, I went out into the living room, and that is when my younger girl, Gabbie, left a barf trail from the kitchen to the couch. Eeew. The poor thing had been feeling a bit sickly, and this was the wonderful culmination of it. After mopping it and having her get her PJs back on, we all climbed in the van. School was out for her, so she laid on a mat with her pillow, and drew pictures. She began to turn around, and I'm happy to report that at about 4:30, she seems all better.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about my broken down van. I found out that I qualify for an auto loan. I applied online last night, and today got a call from Suzuki of Orlando about a loan. I don't know the rate yet, but I was told I qualify for a new car loan. We'll see. My credit is shot due to the foreclosure in Michigan. Man, they'll give anyone a loan these days.

Anyway, I'm pumped to be back in Lakeland. I have my guitar with me and ready for practice. I'll be jamming tonight with my old bandmates I played music with months and months ago before going to Kissimmee.

I thank God, and Pastor John for the many blessings I got in Kissimmee. I miss them already. I pray that God pours his favor out on that great church. If you read this, John, I'm praying. Oh, and I cut my long hair off. You'll see when I get back there to visit you all.

God bless!

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