Friday, September 16, 2005

Sept. 16, 2005

Last night, I set out to do my many things that being a dad requires of me. With my wife at class, I began the task of cooking dinner (mac & cheese), and get my kids ready for bed. However, 2 of my 3 kids have asthma, so I have a plethora of medicine to administer. I had gotten my 2 girls all ready, and sent them upstairs, while I gave my son his asthma medicine. As we sat there, giving Timmy his breathing treatment, I began to think about the medicine we've been having to give him in recent months. Not just breathing treatments, but antibiotics for various infections, I realized that though in the short term, change isn't always noticeable, he is getting stronger. It reminded me of 1 Peter 2:2, which says, "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby". Now, I know medicine and milk aren't the same, but picture is very much the same. When we take what is needed for our physical bodies, it will affect us positively. Just as milk gradually helps a baby to grow, and just as medicine gradually helps to clear what ails us, so the Word of God, taken day by day, through the power of the Holy Ghost begins to change us. Gradual the change may be, but change is nonetheless happening. Let me encourage you. Take your medicine. Eat your food. Let the Word of God mold you into His image. Remember, "He that began a good work in you will complete it by the day of Jesus Christ"

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