Monday, September 12, 2005

Sept. 12, 2005

Do you ever just sit and reflect on the goodness of God? When I think of how good He has been to me and my family, it simply hushes me. There is a story in the Bible, 2 Samuel 9, that so beautifully illustrates God's grace and mercy. In the story, David, now the king for quite some time, remembers a covenant that he had made with his best friend Jonathan, the son of King Saul. That covenant stated that if anything ever happened to Jonathan, David would see to it that his family was taken care of. As fate would have it, Jonathan was killed in battle with his father. Perhaps years later now, David inquires about any left of Saul's house, that he can show kindness to for Jonathan's sake. Saul's former servant, Ziba, tells David that indeed, Jonathan had a son, and as a small boy was taken into hiding when Saul and his son were killed. Out of fear, and making haste, the nurse took the boy, Mephibosheth, and ran. Whether she dropped him, or what, he became crippled. He lived for years in a plave called Lodebar, which means, "not a pasture". David sought him out, and poured marvelous grace and mercy into Mephibosheth's life, making him as one of his own sons. What a great picture of God's seeking us out, and pouring His own grace into our unworthy lives! Like Mephibosheth, let us pull up to the KIng's table, and feast on all His Goodness!

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Roughrider said...

I watched new reports from the hurricane and think, "God is so good to me." I've done funerals for young men in the prime of life killed in action in Irag, looked at my living son and thought, "God is so good to me." I've talked with pastors whose churches have turned against them and looked at my church standing with me and thought, "God is so good to me."
Then I have a flat tire this morning, tear my favorite dress pants, and scuff my shoes. I come in the house grumbling vocally. My wife looks at me and begins to sing, "God is so good. God is so good. God is so good; He's so good to me."
What a blessed and annoying woman to do such a thing. To dare to remind me, a minister of the gospel that God is good. I'm glad God has always placed someone around to do that, especially when I really want to complain in the worst way.
So God is good even when you have a flat, torn pants, scuffed shoes, and a wife that annoys you with the truth. That's when God's goodness shows the most.