Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who's Your Hero?

Tonight, I was interested in a video that one of my best friends, Pastor Justin Stewart, did a year or so ago at the Church of God Michigan Youth Camp. He is amazing when it comes to shooting and editing videos, and he and another friend from Michigan, Dave Moore did this together. (Both are now here in Florida)

The theme is of course superheroes. I think you will all love the ending. I could come up with a devotion or sermon on it, but this video says it all. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

There was too much junk and guns etc. before they got to the real Hero. Sorry I didn't like it at all!!

ruthrap said...

good message...if you are into superheroes...I don't care for the superhero movies..but for the youth that really gravitate to this kind of entertainment..this is a good video..might just make them think about the difference between an imaginary hero and a real one!

Anonymous said...

I think that the message was clear and it was powerful. It's a classic of world view vs Truth. It's a good message... especially if you listen to the words of the song.. I'm not going to stand here and wait for a hero of the world to save me.. I'm going to hold on to the true hero.. Jesus Christ.

thank you for sharing the message