Friday, November 04, 2005

A Work Prayer Request

Hello, friends. Today at work I had a call from a manager in another part of the Division I work in about a job I applied for a month ago. I am supposed to hear about the proper testing for this position next week. Please pray for me. I have been praying about a better paying job for a very long time. This could be the answer!

God knows exactly what we need. I pray that this is what I've been looking for. I'm hoping to be back with a new devotion Monday morning. Until then, brethren, may God bless you! Till next week.


Darrell said...

Thanks for sharing this Jeff. I am definitly praying with you concerning this. I pray that if this is the job, the opportunity that the Lord has for you that every piece falls in place and your steps are guided. If it is not the Lord's will, I pray that the door slam shut and that he direct you in the right direction. Please keep us posted so we know how to pray. I am believing God for a miracle in your finances. Watch for it in faith my brother!

And by the way... thanks for sharing the picture of your family! I was going to write you and ask you to post one or email it because I really like to have a picture in my mind about who I am praying for if possible. Great looking family! But dude... you need to figure out what is causing all these little ones! (Just messin' with ya dude!)
Congrat's on the new one you are execting man.

michigan preacher said...

Thanks, Darrell. Yea, we should find out what causes that! I just figured out how to post the picture. Thanks for praying!