Sunday, December 17, 2006

Everybody Needs a Little Jolt

Wow, it sure has been a long "blog hiatus", hasn't it? I sincerely apologize for this. It has been 1 month since my last entry. There is good reason for this, though. Things have really been kicking in our house as we are preparing for a big move, and a step into God's will for us. More on that later though, I have something write about right now.

Last Thursday, my wife and I found ourselves in the Southwest Airlines terminal at Detroit Metro Airport, waiting for our evening flight to Baltimore, and our final destination of Orlando, FL. We were going there to meet with the principal of a Christian school where my wife will be teaching this winter. But, as we got settled in the terminal, I could feel the long day beginning to catch up with me. I couldn't help but notice the Starbucks mini-coffee shop, and so, I made my way over there and ordered myself a Tall (medium for you fellow Americans) regular coffee. As I was waiting, I decided to try something new: I asked for a shot of espresso in the coffee. The friendly folks behind the counter happily obliged me, and I walked off after paying with my now turbo-charged coffee. I tasted it as I walked away. Not bad, a little stronger tasting than regular Starbucks, but not so strong I couldn't take it. At the gate with my wife, I finished the coffee, and too soon the effects of that little shot of espresso were all to evident. I was suddenly wide awake, and quite wired!

You see, that's what espresso is supposed to do. It gives an ordinary cup of Joe a kickstart. It's kind of an octane boost for coffee. I think that in our relationship with Christ, there are moments when we need a "spiritual espresso shot". We spend time in prayer and in study, worshipping the Lord. We go to church, and if we aren't careful, it will become more routine than relationship. Sometimes, we need to do something to snap ourselves out of our rut we get into at times.

So, what is a spiritual shot of espresso? To me, it is getting out of our comfort zone and deciding to become radical in our relationship with Jesus. It's realizing that there is more to life than simply sitting inside our little box and hoping that all goes well for us. I think there are times that we just have to get off our behinds and take a chance on God. Take a step of faith. Whether that step takes you to the street corner, the coworker, or Africa. Let's get out of the house and talk to the neighbors about Christ. The risk is you may get rejected and mocked, or you may see them saved. But either way, you stepped out of the boat and dared to walk on water. Hey, we all have ragged on Peter for sinking that night, but how many of us can say we walked on water, even a step or 2? What's that sound I hear, crickets chirping? That's what I thought. Peter sank, but at least he got out if the boat.

I like the story of Saul's son Jonathan in 1 Samuel 14. In that particular account, as Saul and his army sat around hoping for another confirmation from God of something they already knew to do, Jonathan and his armor-bearer did something so crazy, it would have been labeled suicidal today. They decided to attack the entire Philstine army by themselves, just the 2 of them. Jonathan's only thought? "Perhaps the Lord will work for us". Jonathan didn't get word from the prophet. He wasn't commanded to do it. He simply said, "let's just see what God does!". The result? God did a mighty miracle that day, all because someone decided to order that shot of espresso in their spiritual coffee.

This is just a simple thought that has been in my heart for a few days. I pray that it blesses and challenges you out there to live a turbo-charged life for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'll post more about in the coming days about our coming move to Florida.

God bless!

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ruthrap said...

great post. mp, you ARE the bombdiggity of bloggers!! so glad to read something from you again!!! and how timely, our pastor just showed a little video about a guy stepping out to invite a co-worker to church for Christmas service!