Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guess Who's 7?

September 27, 1999 is a day that my life was changed forever. That day my oldest kid, Machaela was born, about 3:20 in the afternoon. It's so hard to believe that seven years have now passed.

It seems like just last week, I was holding that precious little girl for the first time, with tears streaming down my face. I remember so clearly seeing her all wrapped up in a blanket, that tiny pink hat on her head. I remember talking to her and calling her by her name (we had already decided on Machaela). She focused in on me when she heard me talking.

It seems like just days ago we were dealing with teething. Now I'm having to pull those same baby teeth out as they hang on by a little thread of gum. It seems like we were just cheering her first words on. Now she talks circles around us, and even pulls out vocabulary words I didn't know till I was older! It seems that we were just rooting her on as she took her first steps at ten months old. Now she's learning to ride a 2-wheel bike!

Lord, what happened? Our baby is growing up! I know I can't stop it, so I may as well cheer her on like when she took those very first steps.

I could pull a sermon out of this, but I will spare everyone today. Today, I just want to honor Machaela. She is growing fast, but she will always be Daddy's little girl.

Machaela, Daddy loves you! Happy birthday!

*This post was done purposely in Machaela's favorite color, blue!


Darrell said...

Happy Birthday Machaela!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a very blessed 7th Birthday Machaela!!! You are a beautiful child and I am sure that your parents are very proud of you! Have a Happy Birthday!!!---My daughter says Happy Birthday to you as well!

PBM said...

Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!!!

wayupthere said...

Happy Birthday, Machaela. You are a precious girl and I know that your Dad really Loves you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Pastor Kenny Flaming said...


Happy Birthday from your friends In Louisiana!

Pastor Kenny Flaming said...
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Henry Haney said...

Happy Birthday Machaela!!!

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

You are just "gawjus..." and I do mean "gawjus!" That's Southern for "gorgeous"...and your mom and dad love you so much.

Now the rest of us do too!

Happy Seventh Birthday!

Miss Machaela, you are a wonderful gift from God...we thank Him for you.

Anonymous said...


Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a very happy birthday.

Pastor Beesley
Newark, Ohio

michigan preacher said...

thank you, everyone!


*Machaela typed this herself!

ruthrap said...

Happy Birthday, Machaela, you're a very pretty young lady!

JimmyBob said...

You gotta be kidding me! Happy Birthday Machaela! You and I share the same birthday. Only I turned 34 today (September 27th).

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday girly girl!