Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Don't Hog the Blessing!

I know it’s been a few days since my last entry. A lot has happened in these past few days. Saturday afternoon, my wife and I headed up to the hospital to see my Grandfather, literally on his deathbed. My dad called me from the room there, and suggested that if we were to see him before he passes, we needed to get there pretty soon. That afternoon, we got the hospital, went up to his room, and saw my Grandmother, my dad and my uncle and aunt, and great aunt, Grandpa’s sister, gathered around his bed. I couldn’t see him, but dad heard us and turned to tell us that he had just passed away minutes before we got there. My brother and our cousins must have gotten the message that he was going, because they showed up within minutes of us getting there. We said goodbye to Grandpa yesterday morning.

Having lived this experience, I have been thinking about our need to be outlets of God’s grace. We don’t know when we or our loved ones will have our number called. We must take the time to share the Lord Jesus Christ with those around us, and what he has done for us and them. I read another blog this morning by Pastor Brad Leach , of Church of the King, in Berkley, Michigan. He spoke of our need “exhale spiritually”. What he means is that we are constantly taking in spiritual things. We have lots of Bibles, Christian bookstores, online sermons, church services, etc. We are always receiving from God, but what are we doing to give? He makes the point that when we inhale naturally, an exhale must follow. How true is that in the spirit?

How does this connect with my experience with Grandpa’s passing? It reminded me of the need to share my faith with those around me. I am a professional sermon listener. I love to hear good preaching, but at the same time, I need to share what God has given to me with those I come in contact with. I love reading the Bible, but I have to allow the Bible to change not only me, but those around me, via my life and my testimony.

I’ve heard it said that everything in God’s creation is designed to give. The sun gives off light and heat. The rivers and lakes give us water. Plant life gives off oxygen for us to breathe. It’s no different with us who have been saved, re-created in the Lord’s image. Jesus took the time to get alone with his Father and pray, but he came out full and ready to give.

So, I’d like to thank Pastor Brad for giving me something to stretch me out. Now I encourage you to go out and rub off Christ on some today! God bless.

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The 6 Karns' said...

Great post! You must have been listening to my husband & my conversation last night!

Praise God for putting confirming "thoughts" in His childrens minds!