Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Valentine's Day!

OK, guys, I hope you rememebered to get the flowers and candy. If you miss today, you will be hurting!

You know, I'm not going to get to deep today. I will say that the Bible exhorts us to love our wives and Christ loves the Church, and today is a good a day to express that love as any. But let's also make it a habit to express to our spouses just how much we love them everyday. You know, if we would listen up to the Spirit of God everyday, we would get reminders of just how much Jesus loves us. From the warm sun on a cold day to the gentle nudging of his Spirit to spend close, intimate time with him, he tells us how much he loves us.

So, be like Christ, and express your love for your Spouse today. God bless!

Oh, a note to my wife: Sweetie, I love you more than you could even imagine! Happy Valentine's Day!


Neil said...

I usually wait until the day before and buy my wife something...this year I had nothing on today. My wife left before me this morning and left my gift on the counter, she also left one for our daughter, I misread and ate part of it. Got to work and the pastor and I were in the same boat, so off to Dillards we went, after returning I promptly took my card and gift card to my bride of almost 19 years (March 7th) and was out of the doghouse...for now, it doesn't take me long to get back in!

michigan preacher said...

LOL- I know the feeling brother! I was in the doghouse a while myself because there was nothing for my wife when she woke up. I'm afraid to get flowers the day before because I don't want her to see them prematurely, and they might not be as fresh.